How to pack your suitcase for a weekend.

How to pack your suitcase for a weekend.

You only have to make the content of the suitcase functional and also with the least possible weight.

1)First of all make a list, according to the destination and the kind of the trip. You have to make a list so you would be sure that you have been perfectly prepared.

2)Take only what you really need. If for example, you do camping, you couldn’t  probably use a hairdryer (no plugs e.t.c.),meanwhile if you stay in a 4 stars hotel it is usually provided.

3)Take mini shampoo and showergel.

4)Save space by taking only a few pairs of underwear and socks, one pair of jeans, two or three blouses for all day use and two pairs of shoes for all day use too. Finally take a jacket if it’s need it.

Mainly you have to take with you good company and of course your smile.

And always remember that:

for a few days trip, less means more!!