The ancient theater of Dodona comes alive again!

The ancient theater of Dodona comes alive again!

It took 17 years to regain life the ancient theater of Dodona. Last Friday, about 600 spectators filled the stands of the theater, watching the tragedy of Aeschylus' “Prometheus Bound” which took place under the auspices of the Regional Theatre of Ioannina.

The evening began with Mrs. Aleka Kamila, President of the Regional Theatre of Ioannina, who welcomed the audience and did not fail to mention the effort that Ioannina and Epirus make, in order to claim the title of Cultural Capital of Europe in 2021.

The official guest of the municipality was Spyros Merkouris, brother of Melina, who noted that the main weapon of Greece is the civilization that, thanks to the anthropocentric character, has managed to maintain unaltered in time.

As one of the most important ancient tragedies, the "Prometheus Bound" offered unique moments not only to the most massive in age, who brought in their memory images of the times when the ancient theater of Dodona was packed with people at every show, but also to many younger who rushed feel the experience of mystagogy, watching the ancient tragedy in a different place.

The excellent performances of Tassos Nousia in the role of Prometheus and Gerasimos Gennatas in the roles of Hephaestus and Ocean, won from the first time viewers’ attention, while of unique importance was the interpretation of Dimitri Kouroubali in the roles of the State and of Hermes, of Marleen Kaminski who sung Io, of Katerina Loura and Iris Mara (Top Dance), and five also dancers of classical dance.

The direction undertook Kostas Philippoglou, who managed to win the attention of viewers throughout the duration of the show, using a variety of innovative elements, without exaggeration. Froso Korrou had undertaken the movement and the music Lost Bodies, while the costumes signed by Kenny MakLelan and lighting Nikos Vlasopoulos.