Ioannina targets to the tourists from Israel!

Ioannina targets to the tourists from Israel!

The previous week, after the invitation of the Hotel Association of Ioannina, a mission of journalists and travel agents from Israel arrived at Ioannina for the planned meeting with the Mayor of Ioannina, Thomas Begkas. The aim of the meeting was to promote and enhance our region in the country of Israel. Moreover, the mayor did not fail to give an interview to the state channel chanel 1, that prepares a tribute to Ioannina.

"The important thing is to get results that will last over time and will not be flares," said Mr. Begkas, welcoming in the Hall the mission of journalists and travel agents from Israel, headed by the Executive Director of EOT in Greece to Israel, Michael Terzimpasis.

The Mayor awarded thanks to the Hotel Association and the guests and mentioned the design to attract tourists from Israel - "that appears to have results," as he said. In fact, he did not hesitate to characterize "systematic" and "organized" the effort that is made in collaboration with the Hotel Association of Ioannina, in order to create the appropriate conditions for becoming the capital of Epirus a permanent tourist destination.

This tourist market "was the first aim we put together with the hotel owners, the Region and the bodies of the region and the efforts seem to be paying off," said the deputy mayor of Tourism, Nikos Gkolas.

Mr. Gkolas expressed his satisfaction that the mission is led by the Director of the EOT in Israel and that, as he said - is very positive, because "it is the first time that EOT dealing with our region and discover the hidden Greece." The Deputy Mayor claimed that this effort should be continued and intensified if we want serious results and concluded by saying that, "from the first discussions we have done with EOT, seems that there is this mood and I believe that we have turned the page in our cooperation. Our area has so much to offer, we just need the 'weapons' to communicate them. "

The general director of EOT of Greece in Israel, Michael Terzimpasis talked about "the rising traffic track" of Israelis in Ioannina and made the assessment that "actions like this one, help to maximize the effect." Mr. Terzimpasis thanked the Mayor, the Hotel Association of Ioannina and the organizations of the region, "for giving us the unique opportunity to meet Epirus not only as a sight but predominantly as an experience," he said.

Finally, the president of the Hotel Association of Ioannina, Konstantinos Vlachos referred to the efforts that are made to penetrate in the market of Israel, through contacts and reports, as well as to the important "tool" that has been created, the portal for the projection of the area, through which are offered tourist packages that can book online the resident of Israel.