Eco Friendly

Realizing the importance of a healthy environment, we have developed ecological consciousness in our hotel, which prompted us to implement a policy highly environmentally friendly.

Akti Hotel Ecofriendly "Green Policy":

  • Photovoltaic system net metering 20 kw.
  • Use LED bulbs and energy saving lighting facilities (rooms, interior public spaces, outdoors, etc.).
  • Installed electronic room thermostat for control and autonomy of the heating or air conditioning.
  • Using special cards (keycard) to control lighting and air conditioning in rooms.
  • Use of electrical and electronic appliances, energy efficient, with low power consumption certified.
  • Recordkeeping maintenance facilities of the hotel unit.
  • Encourage customers by management for reuse towels and / or sheets for duration of stay beyond one (1) night.
  • Hydraulic controlled flow to cisterns.
  • Carefully set time switches for lighting communal (shared toilets and hallways.).
  • Minimize waste and waste to the maximum extent.
  • Placing blue recycling bins in rooms and in public spaces.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of electrical appliances.
  • Adequate insulation of hotel unit.
  • Energy-glazed windows in all rooms.
  • Solar panels for hot water.
  • Use of heat pump for heating and cooling the entire hotel.
  • Notification of all staff oriented towards environmental protection policy of the hotel operation.
  • All glass bottles, post-consumer content, are returned to the original supplier.
  • Battery recycling in a special bin by AFIS company.

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