Islet of Ioannina

The islet is an integral part of the history of Ioannina and is directly connected with the history and the death of Ali Pasa. There are seven monastic clusters: The Monastery of Saint Nikolaos of Philanthropinon (1292), Monastery of St. Nikolaos, Monastery of Eleousis (15th century), Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, Monastery of Prophet Elias on the hill, Monastery of the Assumption and Monastery of St. Panteleimonas.

In the cells of the latter monastery, there are the holes from bullets thrown against Ali Pasa, in his attempt to be rescued by the siege of Hoursit Pasa. In these monasteries and especially in the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos of Philanthropinon, post-Byzantine wall paintings and illustrations of the seven philosophers of antiquity are maintained.