Zagori is a beautiful area in the mountains of Epirus. It is located behind the mountain Mitsikeli of Ioannina. Its name means "the place behind the mountain" and has a Slavic origin. It consists of the words "za" that means behind and “gari” that means mountain.

Zagori with a total area of 1053 sq. km, has an altitude ranging from 500 to 2,500 meters with the Gamila of the mountain range Tymfi to be the highest peak. It consists of 47 traditional villages, of exceptional beauty, like Monodendri, Vikos, Tsepelovo, Small and Grand Papigo, Kipoi, Dilofo, Koukouli, Upper and Lower Pedina, Vitsa, Vrisochori, Negades, Skamneli, Laista, etc.