Akti Hotel

Akti Hotel Ioannina

Αkti Hotel's name is inspired by its excellent location.

The hotel is located in a short distance from the green lake Pamvotida which offers an amazing view.

The beautiful lake Pamvotida is the ornament of the city of Ioannina and source of life for its residents, while there are many visitors who choose to admire its supernatural beauty again and again and feel the tranquillity that its calm waters offer.

We chose to built our hotel in this area, in such a way that all the balconies of the rooms offer to the guests unique pictures of this natural wonder. At the same time, they can enjoy a stroll next to Pamvotida lake, in a specially designed pedestrian street, located just in front of our hotel.

We also took care to provide spacious rooms, with stylish modern decoration, thus to offer guests all modern hotel comforts, in a cozy atmosphere of hospitality.

We are in position to satisfy every requirement of those who wish to tour in Ioannina and the surrounding areas of Epirus, in a quiet environment away from the noise of the city, but also in such a close distance from the city centre.