Castle of Ioannina

The castle of Ioannina, the most ancient Byzantine castle, was built in 528 AD to fortify the Byzantine Empire, according to the plans of Emperor Ioustinianos. In the age of Ali Pasa was the largest administrative centre of the whole Greece. Inside the castle, the Greek letters noted particular growth, great teachers of tou Genous offered their teaching and great chieftains studied the art of war.

Also in this place, Ali Pasa lived his great love with kira-Vassiliki and fell in love with the mistress of his son, the kira-Frosini. The castle, sightseing of great historical importance consists of four parts: the outer enclosure, N.E. acropolis with Aslan Mosque, S.E. acropolis with Its Kale and the old town of Ioannina. Within the walls it extends to about 200 acres and its perimeter is 2,000 meters.

Ξενοδοχεία Ιωάννινα!